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PADA: Music Streamed Direct To You

Pristine Audio Direct Access allows you full, on-demand access to Pristine Audio's entire catalogue of hundreds of historic classical, jazz and blues recordings to listen to whenever you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can also listen to all the Music and Arts remastered recordings currently available at Pristine Classical, and PADA Exclusives bring you hundreds of recordings that are available to subscribers only.

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The PADA Player
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"... you can click on whatever recording it is you want and it'll start playing within a couple of seconds and you can listen to the whole thing - it's tremendous - a tremendously good idea..." - James Jolly, CD Review, BBC Radio 3, 16/9/06



Subscriptions - It's Your Choice

PADA Subscriptions come in three levels:


Exclusives - €1 per week

This subscription gives you full listening and download access to our PADA Exclusives catalogue - see here for current playlist. PADA Exclusives includes hundreds of recordings from the very earliest acoustic 78s to hi-fi recordings made in the 1950s. Subscribers are also entitled to a 10% discount on all download purchases.

NB. PADA Exclusives are offered as recordings only without documentation. A number of Exclusives contributors are active on our online forum, and are usually happy to answer any questions and provide further information there.


Pristine - €2 per week

This subscription gives you full listening access to the almost the entire Pristine Classical catalogue - every single Pristine Audio classical, jazz and blues release as well as all the Music and Arts releases available on this site can be listened to in the same high quality MP3 format as our regular downloads. Subscribers are also entitled to a 10% discount on all download purchases.


PADA premium - €10 per month - Free trial

The premium subscription brings together both services above: full listening access to the ever-growing Pristine Audio and Music and Arts catalogues at Pristine Classical plus full listening and download access to the massive PADA Exclusives catalogue plus 15% discount on all download purchases.

NB. PADA Exclusives are offered as recordings only without documentation. A number of Exclusives contributors are active on our online forum, and are usually happy to answer any questions and provide further information there.



" has been like having an additional record collection suddenly appear in the house. However, there is nothing to burn or store – you just grab what takes the fancy and play it via a link from computer to hi-fi system. Sound quality seems generally excellent and, providing broadband is used, it is probably quicker to put something on than finding a disc on the shelves...." - Patrick Waller, reviewer's log, MusicWeb International



Superb Audio Quality and Accessibility

What you'll hear on PADA are our full-quality, full-length MP3 masters. Unlike other online music services we do not reduce sound quality for our streaming service, especially having striven so hard to make our recordings sound great!

About Streamed Audio

When you listen to a music stream online, the MP3 file is transmitted in real time across the Internet from our servers in London's Docklands direct to your computer. You have full access to an ever-growing library of music to listen to whenever and wherever you have the Internet.

Once you have a subscription you can log in anywhere in the world, using any Internet-connected computer - at home, at the office, at a hotel, laptop with wi-fi access, etc.

Want to listen in your living room but the computer is in the study? Set up a wireless network and plug your laptop into your hi-fi - that's what we did - or use an wireless audio stream player!

Want to use this service to broadcast music at your workplace, retail store, restaurant? Go ahead - you don't need an expensive licence to play our music in public, just a subscription. Our Terms and Conditions are simple and straightforward!



Easy to join, easy to leave, easy to change subscription level

Your PADA subscription can be set up in moments. Choose from one of the subscription options, click the button, follow the simple steps outlined below and you'll be listening in minutes. If you have any difficulties with the sign-up process send us an e-mail and we'll try to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Your payment options are flexible. Pay by credit card, debit card or direct from your PayPal account. Payments are deducted automatically until you choose to stop them. You're in control.

You can cancel anytime. We don't want to lock you into something you can't easily get out of. That's one reason why our subscription are handled by PayPal, which leaves you in control. If you want to cancel a subscription, simply click this button, which will take you to PayPal's subscription management page for PADA:

Cancel Subscription

You can change subscription level anytime. If you want to upgrade or downgrade your current level of subscription it's easy - simply cancel your existing subscription using the button above and start a new one! The changes will be implemented immediately.



Sign up now and choose from hundreds of hours of music right away


The simple 5-step sign-up procedure is as follows:

1: Click on your chosen Subscribe button below
2: Enter your card details or use your PayPal account to confirm your subscription
3: At the end of the PayPal process, click the Return to Merchant button*
4: Return to Pristine to select a Log-in and Password for your account
5: Start listening right away!


*This is the most common error when signing up to PADA - PayPal will warn you that you're leaving their secure server for an insecure server at the end of the process of setting up subscription payments. Youmust continue back to Pristine Classical in order to select your log-in and password details or your account will not be verified and you will not be able to log in. Despite PayPal's warning, there is no security risk in returning here!

If you get this bit wrong, please return to this page, scroll up from here and click on the Unsubscribe button above, and restart the process following the instructions here.


1. PADA Exclusives (1€/wk):


2. PADA Pristine (2€/wk):


3. PADA Premium (10€/mth, 1st wk free*):


Having trouble? Send us an e-mail for subscription support


*This subscription includes a free SEVEN-DAY trial period. If you do not wish to continue you must cancel your subscription before this period expires or your first payment will be made automatically.

Technical Note: You will need a suitable broadband Internet connection to use Pristine Audio Direct Access - we recommend a 512kbps link or faster.






Terms and Conditions1. For the duration of your subscription we endeavour to supply uninterrupted streamed access to all our classical MP3 recordings via the Pristine Audio Direct Access Player. Our Internet up-time cannot be 100% guaranteed nor can we be held accountable for network congestion. Tests suggest neither to be a problem , with 99.9% uptime and no interruptions.2. We log usage and reserve the right to terminate any accounts subject to abuse, eg. multiple simultaneous log-ins.3. Subscriptions are taken automatically each calendar month and are considered paid up until the next payment due date. If you cancel your subscription no further payments will be taken and you can continue to use the service until time paid for expires.4. As Pristine Audio holds full rights to all audio materials here, we authorise playing in public areas to subscription holders. Original recordings are public domain and do not require further licences for this use.5. Attempts to use this service for music piracy or theft will result in an immediate ban from Pristine Audio Direct Access. This is an audio streaming service only, and as such is separate from our individual MP3 purchase-and-download system.This streaming audio service is designed to compliment our existing MP3 download sales, which allow you to buy these same recordings as permanent copies. The streaming audio player is always available to listen to whenever and wherever you are online. If you buy an MP3 download this can also be transferred to other media or to an MP3 player. PADA Exclusives are the only tracks which can be downloaded directly from PADA as MP3s for permanent storage on your computer.





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The Finest Music

We're proud to offer you recordings of all types of music by some of the greatest performers in the era of recorded sound

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